simon colley

Visual artist living in New York City

Born Birmingham, England  1959

Simon has always been attracted to the aleatoric qualities in music, the glitch/accident/experiment and around 2013 started applying the similar thought processes involved in sound capture and manipulation to photography. He uses his camera to scan a landscape, a roadside, a train, city lights... sometimes he involves transport to achieve movement, other times it is just Simon and the camera moving as one. 

Unlike representational photography, where a two dimensional image mirrors a three dimensional subject, the way Simon photographs removes that third dimension and reduces the image to pure flat colour, releasing hidden palettes, the essence of that moment in time, a fleeting mood. In addition there's the random element, a bird, a cyclist, an unexpected sign or writing, graffiti on a train. These infuse a nuance of their own into the final composition.

All art is communication, the artist sends out an impression, a mood, a message. The spectator reflects upon it and sends back their own, an interpretation from a different perspective and experience. 

Simon creates a unique chromatogram of the event, hidden beauty, a blur, a sampler or just a transient moment in life.

Sue Cross -Basse-Normandie, France

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2019 Truth Spectrum, Walter Wickiser Gallery, New York

2017- ongoing Martial Vivot, New York


2018  Variations in Abstraction, Walter Wickiser Gallery, New York

2017 Collective '17: The Small Print Edition,Perth Centre for Photography, Perth, Australia


Groups & Bands:

1993-2002 Sunshine Club, Glitterhouse Records, S.F.

1984-90 Sommervile, Virgin 10 Records, UK

1980-83 The Hawks (Subterranean Hawks), Five Believers Records, UK

1979-80 Duran Duran, UK


1992-2002 Classical Bass Studies with Mr Alan Lochhead

of Oakland Symphony/ San Francisco Community Orchestra

1993 S.F. Community Orchestra

Writing & Production:

1989-90 Mephisto, Love Productions, UK

1989 Django Three, Swordfish Records, UK

1989 Flamenco Massive, Big World Records, UK

1989 United Force, Swordfish Records, UK

1988 Ecstasy Club, Swordfish Records, UK


1999 Sunshine Club, Home, Glitterhouse Records

1995 Sunshine Club, Visit To A Small Planet, Glitterhouse

Singles & 12” mix:

1989 Flamenco Massive, Mi Corazon Es Negro (12”)

1989 Django Three, Magic Man (12”)

1989 Django Three, Find A Way (12”)

1989 United Force, Apollo Love 89 (12”)

1988 Ecstasy Club, Jesus Loves The Acid (12”)

1980 The Hawks, Words Of Hope, Five Believers Records (Single)

Featured Compilations:

2004 Sunshine Club, Nevermind, Glitterhouse Records

2000 Sunshine Club, Uncut, Uncut Magazine

2000 Sunshine Club, Take Me Home A Tribute To John Denver, Badman Recording Co

1999 Sunshine Club, New Voices, Rolling Stone Magazine

1984 The Subterranean Hawks, What A Nice Way To Turn Seventeen, Rather Records


2002-04 Internship/mentorship,

Content creator for gallery shows under direction of Nick Philip


2011-2017 Oshkosh B’Gosh, New York 

2009-2011 Aeropostale, New York

2005-2007 Old Navy, San Francisco

2004–2005 & 2007-2009  Abercrombie & Fitch, Ohio

2003 Nike (Asia Pacific),  Hong Kong

2002-2004 Imaginary Foundation, San Francisco

2004 Exact Science, San Francisco

2003 Optimal, Japan


2016-18 multiple cross country USA, UK & France

1990-92 solo motorcycle ride through Europe and North Africa

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