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T R U C K_STOP - Meditate on the colors of an event.

A series of photographs from a road trip across America

Around 3am we pulled into a truck stop on the western edge of the Mojave, having hit the silence of the desert at dusk, heading back home to NYC. We’d been travelling, seeking inspiration, road tripping across country, just me and my old and faithful dog, Ena. The truck stop was buzzing with light and life, incoming and outgoing freight, streams of light, line after line parked up, their generators running feeding air conditioners and TVs. I walked through the canyons of trucks with their blazing lights. In the dry heat of the night the thinness of the desert air gained substance from the scent of dust and sage brush. The intensity of light magnified a hundredfold against complete blackness, the backdrop of the desert sky. I started to photograph. These are the images exhibited for Martial Vivot.


Limited Edition of 2

framed fine art Giclee print on 100% Cotton, archival paper - sizes 40"X 60"  35"X 54"  28"X42"


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COLLECTIVE is PCP's annual exhibition, auction, and fundraiser. Each year PCP invites artists to show photographic artworks to be included in the fundraiser exhibition.

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